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Team Training

We like to refer to our crew as our TEAM MATES, they are the bloodline in our ability to serve our clients. We make it an integral part of the business to look after them and help them with upskilling. This is especially important when working with high-turnover crew on video productions.

Why we do this

On a video shoot: We want everyone coming to be part of the team on the day, to have fun, but this would be challenging for a new person coming in cold on the day.

Naturally, the new production assistant or intern wants to help and be an asset to the production but when they just come on the day, they don't know what to expect. This can add an unnecessary pressure for everyone and this is not desirable for the client.

So this is why we spend time with new members, ensuring they know how to help before we bring them along.

How do we do this?

For every person joining us for the very first time (new or experienced), we always set a time before the day to go through our equipment, how to setup and pack up.

We will share what the job is all about and what is expected of them including; safety procedures, communication chain, clothing, food dietery, travelling etc. 

The intention is to eliminate unnecessary pressure, taking out guess work on 'showing-off' their skills to impress us and be the support we need them to be for us to support our clients.