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Training & Mentoring

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember,
involve me and I learn"

-Benjamin Franklin

Benefit from years of experience and training in storytelling and social-impact documentary filmmaking. We can save you years of trial and error that comes with trying to learn on your own.

We have a highly qualified team of experienced and passionate individual, who believe in the power of a story - told well - to transform lives and our world.

Understandably, we want others to benefit from what we know and that is why we have developed specialized techniques of imparting our know-how, and catilising the creativity that is in every person.

We love nothing more than supporting those who aspire to share their story, or the stories of others, in fun and inspiring ways.

Video training and mentoring for Wayne Pearce Academy
SERVICE training and mentoring
SERVICE training and mentoring

Our Approach

Our approach to training and mentoring is what we call, “alongside”. We meet you where you are: at your current level of skill, with the equipment you have, and guide your development to where you want to go.

In an experiential context, we focus on the specific component techniques ‘read’ and respond to any given situation. In other words, our training and mentoring is NOT a cookie-cutter, formulaic approach. You learn how to respond to the situation, adjust to what is required, rather than the camera controlling you.

When beneficial, we can call upon specialist professionals, from our respected network within the industry, to expand specific skills related to your goals and developmental aspirations.

We have experienced successful delivery of training and mentoring and continue to welcome corporate clients, individuals, school internships, and people with special needs.

What do the session look like?

  • We begin by getting your goal and aspiration specific and clarified. This could be anything from, ‘improve my filmmaking skills’, ‘film a review’, ‘establish a Youtube channel with specific content’, or ‘train my team to capture important events’.
  • We then design and create learning materials and activities that allow you to achieve your aims. This can be anything from a half-day workshop to a weekend intensive or even weekly sessions over the course of a year.
  • Starting with suggested topics and schedule, we adjust as we go and take the pace that suits you best.
SERVICE training and mentoring
SERVICE training and mentoring
SERVICE training and mentoring

Some of the topics we offer in corporate workshop/training:

  • Setting up small studio in your office
  • Choosing equipment
  • Setting up an interview in your space
  • Phone camera settings
  • Camera, lights, sound technique

Some of the topics we offer in the individual filmmaking mentoring:

  • How to find your story
  • Principles of photography
  • Cinematography using your available equipment
  • Maximising your equipment
  • Prepping shoots in various locations
  • Shoot techniques in differing condition
  • Soft skills for: being with the crew, chain of communication, ethics of production etc.


It's been absolutely brilliant coming from almost zero; hit the auto mode and learning why that doesn't work on our cameras. We found that the delivery style from Sylvi & Mark was outstanding. The mix of theory and practical was just right, and kept us engaged for the four half days that we did the course. We've certainly learned more than enough to get us started.
Martin Champ & Wayne Pearce OAM
Wayne Pearce Academy
Sylvi, thank you for all your guidance and support. Without you I would have given up, buddies with RAIDadative certificates are rare and hard to find. I won the lottery finding you. Your skill to teach, encourage, your knowledge and your kindness is so appreciated. My life long dream to scuba dive has come true. Thank you!
Jayne Boardman
Diver with disability
Thanks so much Sylvi Soe and to the entire team  that welcomed our Pablo.
Sylvi - You are an inspiration for many, especially for the coming generation.
You have ensured that Pablo was engaged in meaningful work,
with interesting people in a variety of settings...

such a work experience is incredible and puts the bar high for
others and for Pablo’s next work experience
Sebastian Ducarne -
Pablo's father (Intern in 2021)