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Translating your vision
to the screen

Through the use of video, photo, design and web, we are
ardent in discovering and bringing impactful stories to the screen


Third Tree Creatives was born with the intention to partner with Agents of Change,
providing support in all aspects of your digital identity.
Since 2012, fueled by exploration, curiosity and a heart-centered approach,
our qualified and experienced team are passionate about what we do.
We are excited to work with exceptional clients to find
The Story that not only communicates, but also impacts your audience.

Clients we are grateful to work with

Our work at a glance

From the land to the sky and even underwater, we go everywhere the story invites us.

Our Services

Industry sectors we provide with video production, photography, graphic design and web development.

Cast and crew


Approved Supplier

We are an approved video production supplier to the Australian Federal Gobvernment and the New South Wales Government.
We have been delivering high-impact video solutions including motion graphics, to government since 2015.


Escape competition through authenticity

If it's used by a business to communicate their message, then it fits within the umbrella of "corporate".

Reach out to potential markets, provide insights to customers or document important occasions.
social impact

Social Impact

change ourselves, impact the world

We are drawn towards supporting businesses, organisations and individuals with a vision to enable a lasting social impact for the greater good of all.
This include charities, non-for-profits and private social impact projects.

Training & Mentoring

for business & individual

We help businesses and individuals to set up in-house production, training and mentoring to avoid the mistakes that come with ad-hoc learning.


within a non decompression dive limit

For us, diving and the underwater world is more than a means to an end... it is our lifestyle!
All underwater shots are OH&S-compliant with qualified and experienced divers.


Your Extended Crew

We love partnering with agencies as well as local, interstate and international producers as their extended videography and photography crew in select areas.

Our Process

Working with us can be as simple as preparing a special meal for an important occasion.
Here’s how we do it:

1. Explore

What, when, where, who, why?

This is where we sit down with you to explore every aspect of the project. What do you wish to achieve? Who is your audience? Where are you going to show your video? What is the best way to convey your message?

A “recipe”
(a production plan & script)

2. Plan

What do we need to cook that recipe?

This is where we decide on the “ingredients” we need for the production.
This includes the equipment list, qualified equipment operatorts, shooting locations, creative elements and the right talent.

A “shopping list”
(shot list)

3. Shop

Now it's time
to shop

Like a shopping day, production is where we “collect the ingredients” to make our “special meal.” This includes the video shoot, photo shoot and voiceover recording as required. Each element approved by the client. 

quality ingredients / RAW footage

4. Cook

Time to crank up
the heat

The post-production stage is where magic is being cooked up.
Here we edit the footage, mix the audio, colour-correct the images, add the motion graphics, as needed, and finally, complete the project.

A “special meal” (finished videos/photos/web)

5. Serve

The guests have arrived. Time to serve!

This is where you sit back and bask in the joy of serving the wonderful meal we both work hard to put together.  Your venue can include internet, large projection, broadcast television and USB distribution.

 “Happy guests” (successful production)

Come Behind The Scenes

If you are curious about working with us,
we’ve put together some resources below to help you get to know us better before we get the ball rolling.


Join our Creative Director Sylvi and the team as we share insights on our craft, and the many facets of projects we have worked on. 


Read what our clients have said
about working with us since
Third Tree Creatives started
way back in 2012.

Team Training

We are only as strong as our weakest link. That’s why we make it an integral part of the business to invest in and look after our crew.