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Social Impact

Leadership is unlocking people's potential to become better
-Bill Bradley

Third Tree Creatives is drawn towards supporting businesses, organisations and individuals with a vision to enable lasting social impact for the greater good of humanity. These include charities, not-for-profit and social impact projects.

On a personal level, over the past few years we had the opportunity to follow the story of an exceptional young man with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to Denmark in pursuit of his personal freedom. The trip took us to visit some incredible places where we saw and experienced integration and inclusion on another level.

This experience has enriched our lives. We are inspired to direct our creative resources to help those working in a similar landscape. We'd love to walk alongside you in bringing forth the vision you have in your heart.

SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact
SERVICE social impact

Third Tree Creatives is fully equipped to support all aspects of the production, web development and social media.

Reach out if:

  • You and your business/organisation have a vision to be the agent of change and would like to have a trusted partner who shares the same goal to package your message creatively.
  • You have a story brewing inside of you that will create awereness, maybe it's time to bring it to the surface and give it a voice.

Book a free consultation now, we are looking forward to connecting with you.

Our work on Social Impact 

"Sylvi and the crew at Third Tree Creatives
are something exceptional.
Regional Unlimited has a vision of
making community better.

Sylvi takes the time to understand the vision
and bring it to life on screen in an extraordinary way,
so much so, the team has become
an integral part of what we are doing"
Deb Maes
Regional Unlimited Chair

Samples of Social Media content

These are short one minute stories that come up during the main production.
They are excellent to support the main production and to gain engagement with the audience.